Bantayan Island Festivals

Haladaya Festival - March

The festival starts on Easter Sunday and ends with a street dancing on the seventh day after Easter. Haladaya means "Halad kang Datu Daya" or to give a gift or offering for the leader of the first Malayan settlers in Daan Bantayan named Datu Daya. It is celebrated through the fluvial parade where patron saints of the different barangays or villages will be placed in decorated motorized outrigger boats and paraded in the sea.

They also have street dancing competition where they show the heroism of Datu Daya and to celebrate the victory and good harvest.

Pasko sa Kasakit (Semana Santa sa Bantayan) - April

Pasko sa Kasakit festival of Cebu's Bantayan Island is celebrated in the observance of the Lenten season usually during Covenant Thursday and Good Friday. It is renowned for the procession of life-size statues and icons of several saints including the passion of Jesus Christ that are carried in decorated and lighted carrozas or carriage. It is visited mostly by the relatives and friends of the residents, as well as the tourists to participate the scenic rites and the local fiesta celebration.

Palawod Festival - June

The word palawod means to go out to sea to fish. The locals of Bantayan Island are engaged in fishing as their means of livelihood. It's the island's main industry before it became a tourist spot. Like all other fiesta celebrated in the Philippines, Palawod festival is celebrated with scenic rites about their unique traditional fishing rituals, street dances with colorful costumes and food.